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Demario, 16

Demario, 16 — High School, Sophomore

I enjoy the trips and volunteer opportunities through JROTC and listening to music – although a lot of the current stuff is repetitive. Instead of talking about the same stuff (drugs and violence), I want to talk about new, positive things. I’m not sure what college I want to go to, but one that is good in academics and where I can major in mechanical engineering or music production.


Grady High School — (Class of 2020)

ATL Hood

Old Fourth Ward

Who Am I?

My friends from High School would probably describe me as an artist, creative and musician.

The last TV Show I watched was The Wayans Bros.

The funniest thing that happened to me recently was my family playing a prank on me. My cousins and siblings texted me saying that my Dad cut an extra key for the truck. I almost cried when I saw them and realized that I had got got!  

I got paid $7.50/hour working at a fast food joint.

In my free time, my friends would be surprised to learn that I enjoy writing poetry.

The most “Atlanta” thing I’ve done in the past month was I dunno, lol. Have fun I guess.

In 10 years my dream job would be Mechanical Engineer or Rap Artist/Producer.

Get @ me!


Instagram: @OnlyOneDreko

Snapchat: @kingdemario01

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