Wendy, 14 — High School, Freshman

I’m involved in the Student Government Association and play on the volleyball & soccer teams. I want to go to college after graduating high school. My dream school is MIT and I want to major in Aerospace Engineering.


South Atlanta High School — (Class of 2021)

ATL Hood

SE Atlanta

Who Am I?

My friends from High School would probably describe me as a normal kid; a little bit of everything.

The last TV Show I watched was Scandal.

The funniest thing that happened to me recently was falling off of a log and spraining my ankle. 

I got paid $7.50/hour to help sell fruit at a neighborhood flea market.

In my free time, my friends would be surprised to learn that I enjoy playing video games!

The most “Atlanta” thing I’ve done in the past month was riding MARTA into the city and walking around downtown.

In 10 years my dream job would be working as an Aerospace Engineer at an airport.

Get @ me!

Email: wendy23nevarez@yahoo.com

Instagram: @w._.nevarez

Snapchat: @wendy23nevarez

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