Ryan, 20 — College, Junior

I’m involved in the Student Government Association, MBA protege program and Health Careers Society. When I wrap up college, I want to pursue a career in Emergency Room Medicine. I’ve always had a passion for helping people and a strong interest in science and medicine. I think it’s my calling.


John Carroll Catholic High School — Birmingham, Alabama (2015); Morehouse College — Majoring in Biology (Class of 2019)

ATL Hood

Castleberry Hill

Who Am I?

My friends from High School would probably describe me as a normal kid; a little bit of everything.

The last TV Show I watched was Shameless.

The funniest thing that happened to me recently was I tripped running up a set of stairs. I actually kind of hurt my wrist. 

I got paid $7.25/hour working at my local YMCA in the childcare department as an after school and summer camp counselor.

In my free time, my friends would be surprised to learn that I enjoy singing, even though I can’t sing!

The most “Atlanta” thing I’ve done in the past month was eat at American Deli. I eat there almost every day.

In 10 years my dream job would be Emergency Room and Trauma Doctor.

Get @ me!

Email: rjbrazier97@gmail.com

Instagram: @rj_brazier

Twitter: @rj_brazier

Snapchat: @rj_brazier

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