Khoa, 20 — College, Junior

I’m really involved in volleyball at GSU. We don’t have an official club, so we have to organize intramural matches with other colleges/peers ourselves. After college, I want to start off as a financial analyst for a corporation. I enjoy following markets and trends and want to learn how to manage assets and turn a profit.


Meadowcreek High School — Norcross, Georgia (2015); Georgia State University — Majoring in Finance (Class of 2019)

ATL Hood


Who Am I?

My friends from High School would probably describe me as an overachiever and a loner.

The last TV Show I watched was My Hero Academia.

The funniest thing that happened to me recently was slipping on a wet spot at the Mall of Georgia. I had to buy new pants at H&M, because it looked like I wet my pants!

I got paid $8/hour working as a cashier and barista at a bakery.

In my free time, my friends would be surprised to learn that I enjoy playing video games and watching anime.

The most “Atlanta” thing I’ve done in the past month was playing volleyball in Piedmont Park.

In 10 years my dream job would be Head of a Finance Department.

Get @ me!


Instagram: @mi_gustaaa

Snapchat: @mitraudien 


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