Trevonn, 19 — College, Sophomore

I’m in the Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (RISE) program. We’re such a close-knit family and all have similar goals. I want to pursue my MD and PhD after college. Being a physician allows me to be on the cutting edge of research, while also experiencing the clinical side of medicine. My end game? I want to be a practicing physician while still owning my own lab.


Owings Mills High School — Baltimore, Maryland (2016); Morehouse College — Majoring in Biology (Class of 2020)

ATL Hood

Atlanta University Center (AUC)

Who Am I?

My friends from High School would probably describe me as an Athlete.

The last TV Show I watched was Luke Cage.

The funniest thing that happened to me recently was missing a dunk during open gym.

I get paid $12.50/hour working as a student biomedical researcher. I work with brains and study how different diseases degrade them.

In my free time, my friends would be surprised to learn that I enjoy boxing.

The most “Atlanta” thing I’ve done in the past month was Humo Wednesday’s at Morehouse.

In 10 years my dream job would be Pediatric Neurosurgeon and owning my own lab.

Get @ me!


Instagram: @_x2SLIM

Twitter: @_x2SLIM



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