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TribeTalk is a social network venture that connects high school and college students to a large and diverse “Tribe” or community of professionals who “Talk“, through brief videos, pictures, and text, about: 1) their personal stories and who they are; 2) what they do on a daily basis in their current roles; and 3) the unique paths they took to enter their professions. Our mission is to scale role modeling and career discovery opportunities that allow students to visualize themselves in the seats today that they want to occupy tomorrow. And, we do this by meeting youth where they are — on social media.

It’s hard to accomplish something or become someone that you can’t see. So, every week, we’ll highlight a different set of student and professional profiles — backgrounds, experiences and networks — to provide exposure to Metro Atlanta, its diverse people and the stories that live within it. Follow us @_TribeTalk on Instagram to learn more about, engage with and support our village. In the end, every student should have a dynamic community of role models and advocates at their fingertips – and a Tribe large enough to support any individual in achieving his/her goals.



Phil Olaleye is the Founder of TribeTalk. Prior to TribeTalk, he was the Director of Performance Management at WorkSource Atlanta, served as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines and was a Sales and Trading Analyst with Citigroup in New York City. Phil earned his BA in Public Policy Studies from Duke University and Master in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He grew up in Stone Mountain (GA), has a “mirror image” identical twin and received an unofficial “BA in Life” from Waffle House. A double plate of hash browns scattered, covered and chunked is always the way to go.

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