Trevonn, 19 — College, Sophomore I’m in the Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (RISE) program. We’re such a close-knit family and all have similar goals. I want to pursue my MD and PhD after college. Being a physician allows me to be on the cutting edge of research, while also experiencing the clinical side of… Read More

Grace, 27 — 8th Grade English Teacher & Chief Administrator 8th Grade English Teacher at Eagles Landing Christian Academy & Chief Administrator at Korean Kids and Orphanage Outreach Mission  I advocate for South Korean orphans every day and inspire young teenagers to realize their identity in God is more important than their grades. In my spare time you… Read More

  Genny, 31 — In Transition COO of BLUE Institute I plan training programs for political campaign staffers of color. I travel across the South and Southwest part of the US hosting trainings to inspire more people to lead in these political efforts. I’m obsessed with dancing bachata and salsa! I spend the rest of… Read More

  Khoa, 20 — College, Junior I’m really involved in volleyball at GSU. We don’t have an official club, so we have to organize intramural matches with other colleges/peers ourselves. After college, I want to start off as a financial analyst for a corporation. I enjoy following markets and trends and want to learn how… Read More

  Juston, 14 — High School, Freshman I enjoy working out at the gym and am looking into joining JROTC. My father went to Georgia State University and got a degree in Psychology, so I’m thinking that I’ll follow in his footsteps after high school. I could also join the Military. My Dad is a… Read More

Phillip, 29 — Senior Engineer Senior Engineer, WSP I’m a transportation engineer and planner that works with transportation agencies to plan and design improvements to make travel easier and safer for people and goods. This includes working with agencies like MARTA to plan new bus routes, and re-timing traffic signals so you don’t have to… Read More

Ryan, 20 — College, Junior I’m involved in the Student Government Association, MBA protege program and Health Careers Society. When I wrap up college, I want to pursue a career in Emergency Room Medicine. I’ve always had a passion for helping people and a strong interest in science and medicine. I think it’s my calling.… Read More

    Wendy, 14 — High School, Freshman I’m involved in the Student Government Association and play on the volleyball & soccer teams. I want to go to college after graduating high school. My dream school is MIT and I want to major in Aerospace Engineering. School(s) South Atlanta High School — (Class of 2021)… Read More

  Phil, 32 — Social Entrepreneur Founder of TribeTalk I meet with students and professionals to hear about and tell their personal stories regarding education and the career paths they took afterwards. Every day I problem solve and find ways to bring students and professionals together to increase opportunities for career exploration, role modeling and positive… Read More